Oshkosh Corporation

R.J. Albright Welcomes Oshkosh Corporation Headquarters to Local Community

Oshkosh, Wisconsin is a thriving community comprised of rich history and ambition. As a city located in the heart of the Fox River Valley, Oshkosh displays a progressive attitude toward growth, especially when it involves the local economy and job creation.

In November 2017, it was announced that the city will become home to the new global headquarters of world-renowned Oshkosh Corporation (formerly known as Oshkosh Truck).

Oshkosh Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of the world’s toughest specialty trucks, truck bodies, and access equipment.

The headquarters will sit on the grounds of scenic Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course when the building project begins in the coming months. Throughout the years, the golf course has served as a prime location for avid golfers in Oshkosh and surrounding communities. While the decision to build on this property will put golfing days to an end, it will create a variety of other opportunities for residents. It’s estimated that the headquarters of this Fortune 500 company will employ more than 600 high-paid executives and bring more than 250 jobs into Oshkosh after all
aspects are finalized.

Businesses in the region are welcoming this major decision, including our team at R.J. Albright Construction. In the past, we’ve conducted business with former Oshkosh Truck and its suppliers. We fully understand and are keenly aware of the impact that Oshkosh Corporation has on our local community.

This is a defining moment for Oshkosh, I am beyond excited to see this project drive Oshkosh forward.

Our team at R.J. Albright is excited that Oshkosh Corporation decided against relocating, as it currently employs thousands of individuals in the Fox River Valley. To top it off, Oshkosh Corporation has ties to the city that extend back to its founding in 1917.

We’re thrilled to see what happens next. Let’s keep the momentum going, Oshkosh!

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