Dream Jewelers in Oshkosh is Open

R.J. Albright is pleased to announce the project completion and opening of the new Dream Jewelers Store on Westowne Ave in Oshkosh. This single story 3,700 square foot retail building houses Dream Jewelers a full-service Jewelry store covering 1,843 square feet. The Structure is a wood framed structure with both Veneer Stone and EIFS finishes at the exterior. R.J Albright worked with the tenant to retrofit their existing jewelry cases into the space. The owner worked directly with our electrical subcontractor to lay out a beautiful lighting scheme that highlights the numerous products they sell. The original project as designed came in over budget and we worked with Dream to modify the structure and scope of the job to bring the project back into the budget they needed to move forward. The finished product is a beautiful retail space that still has a 1.272 square foot space for lease. Significant grading challenges existed on this site and with proper planning and foresight we created a project that really grabs your attention from this busy intersection. We hope you visit Dream Jewelers and see what they have to offer in this beautiful new building.

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